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Hello there! Welcome back for our last data structure that we are going to cover in this little series. And we’ve saved the most complex for last…Trees! When visualizing a tree data structure, I like to think of something like the picture above, except inverted. Have you ever wondered how you are able to see everything rendered on a page? This is all done by the DOM (Document Object Model), which is actually just a tree data structure comprised of HTML or XML elements that fill up the page. Or maybe Facebook’s feature to leave comments under a friend’s posts…

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Hello there! We are almost through all of the data structures that we will learn together! Today’s topic is…linked list! These data structures can be pretty tricky to wrap your head around, so we are going to dissect as much as we can to ensure you have a good foundation to build on. I also encourage you to check out this resource to get amazing visual representations of what’s really going on behind the scenes of a linked list. By the end of this article, I hope you will have a better understanding of linked lists, how to create them…

Objects, Dictionaries, Maps… Oh My!

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Welcome back! We’ve made it to our fourth data structure. Just like arrays, hash tables are another fundamental data structure in computer science. Hash tables are often seen in databases. If you have ever played with an API and wanted to look at at all the data available, more than likely you have seen a hash table in live action. Or imagine a file system in a law office. Whether it is on a computer or on hundreds of shelves, each individual case placed on a shelf was similar to a hash table data structure. Could you imagine having to…

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Hello there! More than likely you’ve heard about arrays at some point in time during your coding journey. We’ve talked about them in past articles, and touched on some of their methods; so I suppose it is time to be formally introduced. Arrays are one of the most fundamental data structures in computer science which makes them all that more important to know. They are the building blocks to create more complex data structures like queues and stacks and they give us a great foundation in learning how to manipulate data. So let’s get to it shall we?

What is…

The infrastructure of the Internet, your favorite social media sites and beyond

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Welcome back! You may be curious as to what this colorful, inter-connected diagram is above. It almost looks like a cluster of neurons, but it is in fact a fraction of the map of the entire internet. Each endpoint (the red dots seen in the lower right-hand corner) is a website connected to another website, connected to another website etc. This map is also what you would call a graph. Graphs are one of the most important data structures used in computer science that intricately create models for real-life relationships and connections. …

Not your average breakfast topics

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Good morning beautiful people! If this stack of pancakes doesn’t make you crave to know what we will be covering today, I’m not sure what will. Nonetheless, we will be covering stacks and queues. But first…imagine you are whipping up some pancakes, perfectly fluffy with all of your favorite toppings. You grab a plate and as your pancakes come off the hot stove, you flip them on top of each other one by one. Of course, you made some for everyone! As you call your friends/family to eat, you expect them to act in a certain manner that goes without…

A breakdown of Big O Notation

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Hello there! Today I will be writing about the concept that is Big O Notation. Imagine you’ve come across a coding challenge and you solve it the best you know how! Then a more experienced programmer tells you “that’s great, but it’s pretty slow, can you make it faster?” I know what you’re thinking…slow? Did they miss the 3 ms displayed in the console? Well, there’s some good news, you CAN make your algorithms faster and we are going to break this down piece by piece. I hope you don’t mind my puns along the way, let’s go!

What is the Big O Notation?

First, as…

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